Why is my WordPress site running slow!

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snailRecently we had a customer contact us asking why is their site running so slow. We asked them for their login and found out that they had about 25 plugins running (someone just beat the record) 51 plugins running. ūüėĮ¬†Every single plugin you run uses resources and the more you have the longer it takes for the website to load. Plugins may be cool and all but if they’re not¬†optimized¬†or made¬†correctly¬†they can really hurt your site. ¬†There is one plugin that you could use to¬†determine¬†which plugins are using too many¬†resources. The one we use for our own testing is¬†http://wordpress.org/plugins/p3-profiler/¬†it is free from the WordPress plugin site.

The plugin give you a nice little pie chart and line chart that shows what is using the most resources and how long each one takes. If you find a plugin that is using a lot of resources and with a high load time you should disable it.

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