Remote Failover Redundancy

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While we don’t have a lot of maintenance downtime we have customers who cannot be down at all. While we already have a redundant setup using OnApp at our main data center “How OnApp redudancy works” . We wanted to go an extra step for our customers.

We have setup a failover redundancy at our Chicago data center to backup some of our clients sites (along with our own) every 6 hours in case of downtime at our Texas Data Center for $10 dollars per month.

We’re using DNSMadeEasy to route the DNS for our clients using this service.

While we would love to offers this same setup to our e-commerce customers we’re unable to do so because the databases change on both ends. With a normal website the database change only happens at our main data center and the updates are pushed to our Chicago data center.

We can setup something similar for our e-commerce customers but we’re unable to have it as affordable as this current setup.

Please note this is only for http request. This will not work with e-mail. However, you will not lose any e-mail during down time. How e-mail servers work is they will keep trying to send the e-mail until they have a response from the server. After 12 – 24 hours the e-mail server will stop trying to send the request. Our server’s won’t be down for that long so you have nothing to worry about.

If e-mail is absolutely critical even during maintenance downtime we suggest signing up for a third party provider such as Google Apps, Microsoft Hosted Exchange or another third party provider.

We use Google Apps ourselves because of the amazing features they provide and integration to third party sites.

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