Hive Node + Mandrill = Perfect Marriage.

Posted by Hive Node in E-mail on February 6, 2014 with Comments Off on Hive Node + Mandrill = Perfect Marriage.



Don’t know about you but e-mail is VERY important to us. If a customer doesn’t receive an e-mail we could have a problem or lose a deal. Hive Node has integrated our C-panel email system with Mandrill (From the makers of Mail Chimp).

Here’s way we made the switch….We want our clients to be able to send their e-mails without any issues. In the past we have had issues with our IPs getting on blacklisted because either a client was sending spam or their newsletters looked questionable. This caused issues because when we are listed on a spam list our users could have e-mail issues for a few days until they clear up.

Now with Mandrill those issues are now gone. Any time you or your website sends e-mail it is routed through Mandrill system to prevent any spam, blacklist, or delivery issues.

Thank you for being a customer of Hive Node and supporting us as we grow to be the provider everyone talks about!


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