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Hello Everyone,

If you haven’t noticed Google has been making some big changes with SSL as part of their “Let’s make the web faster” initiative. Not only are they including SSL sites as part of their ranking guidelines their new Chrome update coming out soon will show a notification at the top next to the URL if the site is secure or not. While this may not matter too much if your website doesn’t require a secure login your clients may start to second guess when visiting a site.

No need to worry though. As long as you’re hosting with us you can get a free SSL for all of your sites! With Let’s Encrypt you can now have a free SSL for your sites. This is a great way to have your site showing SSL but without the cost of one. (Average $9.99 – $200.00 per year depending on SSL cert)

One thing I do want to mention is if you are using your site to process credit cards, take customers info, or has a secure login Let’s Encrypt won’t be a good option for you. Since it’s free it comes with no warranty or insurance like most of the paid SSLs have. However, if you just want a secure site so your customers know it’s secure and to help a little bit with ranking you can use Let’s Encrypt.

Now you may be wondering..what do I do next. Well Let’s Encrypt is installed already for most of our hosting client sites however if it it’s not please open a support ticket at and we’ll get you setup.

To test if your site has SSL enabled just visit and type your domain in their site checker. If the SSL is installed it will say Certificate Issuer: Let’s Encrypt.

We do have to mention one thing. Even though the SSL’s are free you do have got make some changes to your site to make it full SSL which may cost your a little extra to have your designer or us fix the SSL issues. You can try to fix it yourself with the guides below but please MAKE A BACKUP before you do! (To make a backup login to your cpanel, click backup, click download a full website backup, and then hit generate a backup) Keep in mind if you have a big site you may hit your space limit doing a backup. If so please delete the backup from your cpanel by going to file manager and open a ticket with us so we can do a backup for you. 

Once you have verify that SSL is installed on your site login to your WordPress backend..hover over settings, and select general.  You will see WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL). Change the http:// in both to https:// as example below.


You also need to redirect old URLs to the new https URLs.

You can do this by adding the following code in your .htaccess file:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

Don’t forget to replace with your site URL.

This guide may help as well with some other ways of doing everything.

Once you have it switched to https:// under general settings you can use to see if you have any other issues that have to be fixed.

Most of the  issues that will need to be fixed will be images or coding such as fonts, CSS, or Javascript. Some are easy to find by looking in your CSS file or theme header file but some may require some hunting. will tell you the issues you’ll just have to find them to change them.

One example would be fonts. A lot of designers use Google Font but a lot of them don’t have the URLs as SSL.

Very easy fix (if you can find it). You just need to find the font in your CSS or theme files (Sometimes your theme developer may help for free) to make the changes. Once you find it you just change the code from to If the code is // you don’t need to change it.

This guide also talks about mixed content

Once you’re all setup and secure you should add Cloudflare to your site to get the benefits of SPDY and HTTP/2. Not only does it help with your website speed Cloudflare also helps protect your website from spam and hackers.

You can read more about it below. SPDY and HTTP/2 come with all Cloudflare free plans.

If you’ve tried everything and need some extra help you can always hire the Hive Node team. Cost to switch your site to SSL will depending on how big your report is on

Open a ticket at to get started.

Thank you for being a customer at Hive Node!

– Hive Node Support

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