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After spending 6 years and almost $15k on a dedicated server, I discovered something; it takes a little expertise to run a dedicated server, something I do not possess and have little interest in learning. After writing about the issue on my blog, a friend recommended I look into Hive Node. Fast forward a week later, and all 30+ websites have been expertly transferred without a single issue and I’m spending less than a forth the cost I was with Hostgator. Hive Node made the transfer painless for me and now they’re going to run the day-to-day server operation so I can work on my business. Oh, but that’s not even the most exciting part… Our sites a faster now, I mean A LOT faster. Thank you Hive Node, for taking care of us and reducing my stress level when it comes to hosting because I no longer worry about it.

– Bryan Hawkins Testimonial

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Troy and Hive Node have been a God Send to Mom Does Reviews. The communication about issues is always within minutes, unlike other hosting companies that might reply within 4 hours. Thanks so much for your dedication to making our lives so much easier and FASTER, one blog at a time! – Pamela Gleason Maynard Testimonial

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And Troy has done it again!!! Thank you so much for all your help! I can blindly refer anyone to Hive Node, they are the BEST!! Yvonne Heimann

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