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About Hive Node 

Hive Node started as a shared and reseller hosting company for clients using WordPress. As we grew we changed our model to a full managed provider for your WordPress site. With that, we manage your updates to WordPress and plugins, the dedicated cloud server for your sites and we provide 7 days of off-site backups of your site. At Hive Node we know what it takes to have high performance websites hosting for WordPress and E-commerce websites. We started as an IT company Laris Technologies in 2006 that provided IT support, website design and hosting for small to medium size businesses. Over the years we have changed our name as we grew. Our IT background gives us experience on managing and setting up servers. Not only do we offer fast servers we offer fast network infrastructure and NetDNA CDN. This improves your website load time for customer who are not near our server locations.

What makes us different? 

We believe in three things…keeping your website secure, fast, and safe. Our servers are optimized with the latest technology to allow our clients to always have the fastest speeds possible. For our clients we setup your very own cloud server and manage everything on it from security, updates, even the updates for your WordPress site. All of this is built on Linode, Amazon Ec2, or Digital ocean  infrastructure.

We also provide all our our clients with Cloudflare. Cloudflare does an amazing job blocking more of the attacks that would happen on your site and they even store your site files on their servers around the world.

When it comes to hosting some companies are in it for the max dollar possible on one server. At Hive Node your sites are on its very own server. We want your websites to load as fast as possible. If your site is not loading fast we’re not happy.

Our Guarantees

We do not like downtime as much as you do, and we do everything we can to ensure all our customer’s websites have the highest possible uptime! We are so confident, we offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee so that if we don’t hit this mark you get your money back.

In this day of age speed matters, not only to the search engines but to your customers. That’s why we try to make your website as fast as possible. For high demand websites we have our customers websites run though our CDN network for extra speed.

Our Advantages


1. Daily offsite daily backups via Idera Enterprise Backup. – Many host including the larger ones only backup your site once a week. Our system automatically backups your site nightly to a backup file you may also download yourself via Cpanel. Not only that but your managed server is copied weekly via a snapshot in case of complete failure.

2. One hour free of support on your WordPress or Magneto when you sign up. Our team will review your WordPress or Magento to increase performance and give you suggestions on changes you should make to speed up your site. Many plugins for both WordPress and Magento can slow down your site because of poor optimization. We will help identify those plugins to optimize your site better. There are also some plugins and settings for WordPress and Magneto that can help with performance. WordPress or Magento admin username / password required for review.

4. Automatic WordPress updates. (By Request only) Ours are by request only because some of our resellers like to update their clients sites themselves. We also use a third party service PatchMan to patch our clients sites even if they haven’t updated to the latest WordPress or plugins.

Patchman detects these vulnerabilities and is able to safely patch them without assistance from your customer. Because of our unique approach, you can also be rest assured that websites will continue to function properly.

On compromised hosting accounts, Patchman detects uploaded malware and automatically quarantines it for you.

5. We will move you from your old host to us for free.

6. We use several forms of security on our services to help our clients sites from being attacked or exploited.

(We will move unlimited sites with server root access, up to 20 CPanel to CPanel sites without root access, and up to 5 non CPanel during normal business hours M-F 9-5. If you have more sites than the amounts above we will move them for an extra fee. We will also move your sites after hours for an extra fee. If you do not have a CPanel and your email is hosted with your host give us a call to discuss your options.)

Customer Service

Service Facts

  • E-mail / Phone / Chat Support
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Daily offsite

Hardware Facts

  • Powered by Linode
  • Powered by Amazon
  • Powered by Digital Ocean

Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS

Powerful cloud

All powered by the trusted cloud providers in the industry.

Premium Network

Hive Node Guarantee

We offer a 99.99% up-time guarantee so that if we don’t hit this mark you get your money back for resources not used.

Hive Node Guarantee

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Enterprise Servers
  • CloudLinux OS
  • Varnish Cache
  • NetDNA
  • Cloud Flare


Your server is fast, I've never worked with one that actual reloads the page so quickly...It rocks! I can't stand waiting for pages to reload.

Matt C

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